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PROMPT: Write a 400-word response on the reading by Simon Frith. You can choose any relevant topic from this reading to organize your response. You can also choose to respond to questions from the reading guide as a specific prompt. 

In general, you should focus your writing in two equally weighted ways: (1) DESCRIBE the topic/issue that you will respond to from Frith’s perspective. What is Frith’s logic? How does he come to these conclusions? What evidence is he using to make this argument? (2) RESPOND to this topic/issue by evaluating Frith’s perspective. What are the weak and strong points of his argument? Are there other examples that you can think of which disprove, prove, or supplement his logic? How does Frith’s perspective challenge your own thinking?

Submit a Word document (no pdf’s) by midnight on Thursday Aug. 20.

Format: 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins on all sides

Grading: Reading responses are marked like this:

100% Exciting! You followed the prompt and did the assignment well. I can tell that you did the reading and thought about it. Thanks for the effort!

50%   Bummer. You chose a reading outside of the prompt and/or did not give a full effort. I can tell that you misunderstood the reading. Your reflection is basic. The word count is under 400. 

0%     No submission.

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