Narrative family story assignment | ENGLISH

Narrative Family Story Assignment (2 to MAX 2 ½ pages, double spaced):

Tell a story of significance to your family.  It could be a story you witnessed or one that was told to you.  Do not state the story’s significance.  It must emerge from the details or actions narrated. The story must have a conflict and at the end how it was solved. 

Tell the story as it comes to you, but tell it IN SCENE, moment to moment.  It could be a memory or a story of when you were a child or a story told about a relative or sibling or a parent.  Have a (1) setting/ location, (2) time of day, (3) year, (4) season, (5) gestures (people sit, stand, move), (6) dialogue (one line per speaker, tags ‘he/she said’), (7) Use past or present tense but be consistent.


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