Obama administration’s attempt to increase OSHA funding to address the practical reality of trying to physically inspect thousands of workplaces.

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Answer 3 separate questions each in APA format with 2 references for each separate question, EACH QUESTION MUST BE 300-350 words each. ADDRESS ALL Questions and please provide quality work,


Obama administration’s attempt to increase OSHA funding to address the practical reality of trying to physically inspect thousands of workplaces. If enforcement of this law depends on political winds, what does this imply about the viability of achieving this core legislative goal? Should OSHA’s mission be abandoned or revamped, if so how? Or should the law itself be rewritten to reflect the realities of today’s workplace, budgetary, and societal realities? ( ADDRESS EVERYTHING)


The Paycheck Fairness Act, which would expand the Equal Pay Act, has been introduced several times recently but has gained no traction in the House of Representatives. What are the key provisions of this bill? Do these provisions appear to be reasonable and/or needed – why or why not? Why would the bill have almost unanimous support from one side of the aisle, and unanimous opposition from the other side? What are the economic, political, and social issues at play?


Please read through this news ARTICLE  from the Washington Post  COPY URL:  (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2014/01/08/social-security-a-guide-to-critical-questions/?utm_term=.110859859da1)

on the state of the United States’ Social Security system. Discuss whether or not you feel that Social Security system is economically sustainable in the 21st century.