One page essay due tonight by 11:59 pm est


For your first project, I would like for you to take some time and think about net neutrality.  Net neutrality is an ongoing discussion and you shouldn’t have issues finding great content regarding this subject.

Write a one-page paper that describes net neutrality (What is it?, Why is it a problem? Where did it start? Why does this matter? How does this affect business and culture?). Keep this brief, this is not meant to be a research paper or a lengthy assignment. Instead consider it to be similar to a discussion topic, except, spend more time providing details and examples.  Approach this as a “Short Answer” on an exam.

In addition, briefly describe how a non-neutral network will impact all business. You can live this topic towards the end of the your Net Neutrality Topic. Again, 1 – 2 paragraphs is sufficient. 

Please review the grading rubric below before submitting your paper, make sure that you have at least one reference cited.