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(3-4 double-spaced typed pages, 900-1200 words)—Include 3-4 quotations from the text(s). Use evidence from the text to support your thesis. Choose one of the following topics: 1) Looking closely at pp. 322=333 in Chapters 14-15, track Milkman’s changing feelings about his flying with Solomon. How does the story of Solomon empower Milkman? How does the story make him regretful about his own choices? 2)How have Macon Dead’s values prevented Milkman from understanding himself and others—and from taking flight? 3) How does Milkman make amends for the wrongs he has done? How does he give Pilate closure on her own story? See especially Chapter 15, p.333. 4) Milkman says of Pilate, “Without ever leaving the ground, she could fly” (336). What gives Pilate this transcendent ability? 5) Song of Solomon begins and ends with images of flight. The ending of the novel is purposely ambiguous and open-ended. Read the final passage at the end of Chapter 15. What do you think happens to Milkman Dead? Is there justice in the way the story ends? How would you characterize the mood of the conclusion: is it uplifting and/or tragic?

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