Performance Critiques are meant to analyze different aspects of the theatrical production you enjoyed.

 I need 4 pages Performance Critique. You can choose any play., I attached the overview of both Plays. Format is also mentioned below. Due in 12 hours.

This week, we will continue to work on our Performance Critique #1.

After completing your First Impressions Document you probably have a better sense of which of these two plays excite you the most and what ideas you want to discuss in your paper.

This week, you will pick one of the two plays (Fcenes or Glass Menagerie), determine the POV of your paper critique, and submit your paper’s outline.   *I strongly suggest watching your selected play/film again to refresh your memory.

Performance Critiques are meant to analyze different aspects of the theatrical production you enjoyed. You can choose to write your paper from any of the following POVs or a combination of them: 1) Plot structure/genre and style,  2) Character Development  3) Social Themes discussed in the play.

Please note this is NOT an essay. It is just an outline to facilitate the writing process you will do next week.

To complete your assignment, use the following outline:

Performance Critique Outline

Your name:

Play selected:

Title of  your paper:

POV (or combination ) of paper: 

Introduction:  The introduction to your paper should be one to two paragraphs long and it should introduce readers to the content of the paper (in this case, the play you selected), as well as give the reader a sense of what is to be expected in the analysis (body) of your essay.

In a few sentences, explain what you will discuss in the introduction of your paper:



Main Body of paperThe main body of a paper is constituted by the actual discussion/critique of the piece selected. For the purpose of this class, we will focus on developing 3 main ideas of analysis/critique. In your paper, each of these ideas has to be developed in 2-3 paragraphs. Use your notes on the First Impression Document to determine what is most compelling to write about:

In a few sentences and bullet points, explain the main 3 ideas you will discuss in this paper. (Use the lines to explain your ideas and the bullet points to cite important details/facts/info you will write about:

Main body idea 1: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Main body idea 2: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Main body idea 3: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Conclusion: The conclusion of a paper is composed of one or two paragraphs and it should, in a few sentences, summarize the main ideas discussed in the body of the paper and your findings.  

In a few sentences, explain what you will cover in the conclusion to your paper:




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