Persuasive speech assignment | English homework help




This is  part 1 of a 2 part assignment. I will post part 2 at a later date. Please read all the materials provided and whatever topic you choose, remember there will be a visual aid presentation (video) that cannot exceed 1 minute.




The instructor will use plagiarism software, so I urge you, be truthful to your work. Please do note plagiarize anyone’s work!!!!








  • Presentation Aids: You are to use at least one presentation aid in this speech. You may incorporate a video into the speech, but it may not exceed one minute in length. (part 2 of the assignment)



  • Secondary Research: You are to cite a minimum of three credible print sources in this speech. Sources should also be cited in the text of your outline and in the reference list of your outline. (part 2 of the assignment)








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