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Take a moment to think about what motivates a person. Money? Success? Love? Making the world a better place? Everyone is somehow motivated by drives, or desires, to fulfill needs of one kind or another. In training and development, we leverage those motivations to help learning to occur. Everyone’s needs and motivations are slightly different, but quite often, the core of what motivates us is easy to define. However, in addition to individual differences, different cultures can impact motivation.

Organizations, both large and small, are becoming increasingly global enterprises. As organizational boundaries expand and they become more diverse, it is important to create cohesive, aligned, and supportive learning environments. Learning and development professionals should recognize that motivational models of Western culture may or may not be effective in other cultures. Values including intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors need to be studied and reflected upon in the framework of reinforcement and reward systems.

This assignment includes the study of culture and its influence on training and development. You will read about HRD practices and managerial effectiveness as it relates to the role of the organization’s culture. In addition, cultural continuity and change will be examined.



Consider the organizational culture of Google, which is quite unique. Do you see this style as beneficial or distracting? Do you see more organizations following this model? Explain your answer.

****Response should be at least 200 words in length****

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