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PowerPoint Presentation Assignment Instructions



For this assignment, you will create a professional-looking PowerPoint presentation on an operations management topic covered in this course. The scenario is that your supervisor has assigned you the task of presenting a 30-minute training session on this topic. You need to research your topic and prepare an engaging PowerPoint that would be used as a visual aid in for your presentation. 

Topic Ideas

The course textbook will be a great resource when looking for a topic that relates to some aspect of operations management. Some examples of topics include (but are not limited to): 

  • How to deploy a successful quality improvement program
  • Tips to effective demand forecasting 
  • How to create a meaningful and impactful mission statement
  • What are the keys to successful project management

It is recommended that you pick a topic of interest and then do some research to make sure you can find five credible sources – more about credible sources below. Once you are certain you can locate five credible sources, begin creating your PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Requirements: 

I. Title Slide

  • This will be the first slide of your PowerPoint (and is NOT considered a content slide).
  • This slide will include the following: title of your presentation, your full name, class name & section number, and your institution (Liberty      University).

II. Content Slides

  • A minimum of 10 content slides must be included.
  • All content slides must contain speaker notes

o Speaker notes are a presenter’s “cheat sheet”, if you will. In other words, speaker notes are hidden from your audience, but you are able to view them while presenting.

o Speaker notes are NOT a copy of the information on your slide. Instead, speaker notes expand upon and/or offer further clarification regarding points on each slide. 

o To add speaker notes, go to the Notes pane under the slide where you will see, “Click to add notes”.  

III. Reference Slide

  • This slide will be the last slide(s) of your PowerPoint (and is NOT considered a content slide).
  • This slide (or slides) will contain all sources used in your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Sources must be formatted according to current APA formatting guidelines.
  • In addition to current APA formatting guidelines, the inclusion of the complete      URL (sometimes called a permalink) is required for all full-text, peer-reviewed/scholarly articles retrieved from      Liberty’s online library journal database. Note that this is not the same as the doi #. The URL must take your reader directly to the full text article within Liberty’s online library journal database. If you’re unsure about the specific URL/link, you can copy the entire web address from the top of the browser’s address bar once you are viewing the full-text article within Liberty’s online library journal database.

IV. Sources

  • A      minimum of four credible sources must be used within your presentation. Required, credible sources include:

o Four full-text, peer-reviewed/scholarly articles retrieved from Liberty’s online library journal database.

o Two of the above four full-text, peer-reviewed/scholarly articles must be within the last 7 years.

o the course textbook (as listed on the course syllabus).

  • You are able to include additional sources, other than the four credible sources listed above; however, they must be full-text articles retrieved from Liberty’s online library journal database. 
  • Sources      NOT acceptable for this assignment: 

o No textbooks (including e-books), other than the course textbook/ebook (as listed on the course syllabus)

o No general Internet searching is acceptable. Therefore, no blogs, education sites, commercial sites, Wikipedia, About.com, editorials, abstracts, online books, book reviews, etc. 

V. Avoiding Plagiarism 

  • Create an original PowerPoint presentation; previously submitted work from this or another course is considered self-plagiarism and is prohibited. 
  • Provide      citations for the following:
    • All statements,       ideas, & thoughts (whether paraphrased or directly quoted) used from       an outside source; 
    • tables,       data, images, etc. used from an outside source. 
  • All citations should be formatted according to the most current APA formatting guidelines and should directly follow the information used from an outside source. 
  • All sources used must be formatted on your reference slide(s), according to current      APA formatting guidelines.

VI. Other Requirements and Reminders:

  • Must be created in Microsoft PowerPoint and uploaded through the assignment link as a .ppt or .pptx file.
  • Individual slides and the overall design of your presentation must be professional and engaging.
  • A running header or page #s are not required.
  • An abstract is not required.

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