Prepare presentation slides in Power Point format, and all group members (ie. Every individual in class) are to make a presentation in class.

Assessment 1: Group Oral Presentation – 20%

Presentation Date Session 13 for FT

Session 7 for PT

Weightage 20% (40 marks)
Group Strictly 4 persons per group only
Test Format 20 mins presentation in class.


Question: MESP (Market Entry Strategy Project) Presentation

1.    Choose a company and a product that company produces (can be a service as well).

2.    Assume the CEO has decided upon a global strategy to market and sell the product in other countries.

3.    Assume the company will only choose one country to enter next year, but the CEO is taking recommendations from many teams in the company.

4.    Your team (a group of no more than four students) is in charge of researching and recommending a Market Entry Strategy for one country.

5.    Prepare presentation slides in Power Point format, and all group members (ie. Every individual in class) are to make a presentation in class.

6.    Your presentation should cover the following areas:


1.    Introduction

Present the history and background of the company and/or the product.

Showcase the country and city that you intend to take your company’s product into.

Target Market:

•      Define the target market for the product in (country name).

•      Drawing on basic information through your research, determine the best estimate as to the potential market for the product in (country name).

•      Explain the opportunities presented by the demographics of your chosen market.


2.    Challenges

Explain three (3) challenges for marketing the product in (country name). For example, you can look into, but are not restricted to, the following categories of:

•      Government

•      Physical infrastructure

•      Economics

•      Competitors and Substitute products


3.    Recommended Approach

Present your collective ideas to deal with the challenges explained in point 2 above.  You should draw upon all that you have learnt in your Diploma programme, as well as tap into your group-mates’ experiences for this section.

4.    Entry Modes

Recommend the most appropriate entry mode for the product in (country name) at this time. Explain the reasons for your recommendation, eg:




Joint venture

Wholly-owned subsidiary


Assignment Requirements

For your Group Project:

Do use a variety of written (Powerpoint slides), oral (explanations), and visual (short video clips) representations.


For group report:

All members have to fill in and submit together with the Power point slides, the appended Peer- & Self-Evaluation Form in your Study-Guide. Lecturers will assess the feedback from each member of the group to ensure equitable participation, and this will be used as a component toward the final grade.


Each group must submit a 1,000 word (approximately 250 words per member) summary, with references.


Assignment Format 

1.    Write the Names and Student Numbers of each group member clearly on the Assignment Cover Form.

2.    Include your presentation slides (black/white), 6 slides per page.

3.    Include slide numbers to present sequence of slides.

4.    Include a 1000-word summary.

5.    Include a List of References at the end of your summary.


List the references consulted by your group in preparing this MESA Report, in proper APA (American Psychological Association) format.