Prince2 business assignment | Management homework help

Please adhere to the attached documents provided – this provides the exact word count criteria for each section of the assignment (3500-4500 words total). Harvard referencing.

DEADLINE: 11TH MAY 16:30PM 2021

The first couple of paragraphs of document titled ‘RETAKE ASSIGNMENT BB7018 – CASE STUDY’ provide an explanation about how the report should be structured. Please adhere to this for reference at all times. Please adhere to the notes section on page 1 for variables which must be applied.

Please reference the document titled ‘BB7018: International Project Management and PracticeConsultancy Group Report: Marking Criteria’ for assistance on how this assignment will be graded.

Please use the three templates provided and fill these out accordingly. The templates are titled:

1) PRINCE2™- Business Case

2) PRINCE2™- Plan

3) PRINCE2™-RiskRegister

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