Professional Development and in-service for current Health care providers.

Individual Power point Presentation

There are several controversial topics discussed in the course texts that are currently the cause of ethical concern and are projected to have a great impact on the future of health care. Topics at the forefront of ethical concern include but are not limited to Reproductive Technology, Physician Assisted Death, Domestic Violence, Healthcare Reform, Quality patient care, Spirituality in the workplace, Disaster Response and Alternative medicine. As an aspiring Health care professional, you will explore the issues surrounding such topics and the challenges they may present.

Power point Guidelines:

Select a topic
Provide background on the topic and explain why this is currently a controversial issue in healthcare (views and rationales from a broad perspective – for, against and possibly undecided).
State your current position on this topic as an educated member of the moral community (include your personal belief as supported by your culture, religion, life experience etc.).
Analyze the projections for evolution in the future and why this topic will remain a source of concern (consider advancements in research and technology).
Discuss the impact as a Health care provider?
Professional Development and in-service for current Health care providers.
Possible training for future personnel.
Propose changes in Hospital Ethics Committee (HEC) roles and responsibilities
Describe the most important Ethical theories and principles that must be at the fore front of medical practice / decision making and why.
Review current policy related to this issue suggests changes to address new challenges.
Considerations for insurance and Health care reform
This presentation must include audio in which the author will narrate the key components of each slide. In addition to the required content, creativity, organization, graphics, in-text citations and appropriate APA format must be evident. You are required to list a minimum of six references from peer reviewed articles, textbooks, or other credible sources.


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