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This is a 18 pg with reference page and cover page included case study paper that consist only of the introduction and method section. This introduction should include the presence of the 6 articles and how it relates to the research question. You should be able to come up with a study for the research question which is either t-test, onw-way anova- 2 way anova etc.. you need to develop the correct study for this research question related to the dependent variable and the independent variable. This paper should include the amount of participants you use, where they are from the data you collected and a chart with all that information implotted, all that information should be included in the method section. And all that information of the study you creates should replate to the hypothesis I provided. YOU DO NOT NEED TO INCLUDE RESULTS OR DISCUSSION ITS JUST THE INTRODUCTION AND THE METHOD SECTION!!The introduction should introduce the research question and explain all 6 ARTICLES in different paragraphs with intext citations and how each article’s Results relate to the research question. The introduction should be rough 9 pages and the method section 9 pages.

Possible Title: Successful practices for homework can improve kids academic performance

Finalized Question: How does the amount of homework kids receive affect their academic performance?

IV:The amount of homework the children are given.

DV:The children academic performances/ grades.

Please create a study with this information with 2×2 levels in this study, the amount of participants you use fro this study

Population: Create a selected population

Hypothesis: If less homework is given to kids the increase in their academic performance?? Please edit!!