Q1: provide three specific examples of when you might use functions

Q1: Provide three specific examples of when you might use functions in your C programs. It should be clear from the examples you give that they would be best approached by using functions (give details to make it clear why functions, rather than “monolithic code” would be appropriate).

Q2: Find a medium- to large C program on the web that uses many functions. Give a link to the program’s source code, and tell what the program does. Copy and paste the headings of at least two functions from the program and tell briefly what the functions do.

Q3: A C function can be tiny or huge. Do a little research (suggested keywords: c ideal function size) and provide some information/guidelines related to recommended C function sizes. What disadvantages are there, if any, to very large functions?

Q4: Identify the topic of your Programming Project. Describe which C features it will use (there should be several).

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