Qualitative reseaech project | Marketing homework help

Topic : Black Students experience at HBCUs.

Qualitative Research Project Rubric


10-15 pages double-spaced

1” margins on top, bottom, and sides; 12 point Times-Roman type; list of references may be in addition to the 10-15 pages.

Each research paper must include the following

• Abstract (max 250 words)

• Introduction

• Literature Review

• Methodology

• Results

• Conclusion

• References

• Appendix (with survey instrument)

NUMBER OF SOURCES: 10-15 sources, 8 must be peer-reviewed academic journal articles, or books, no blogs can be used


DATA SET: You will conduct actual research and provide the data for this project! As you have done in the first two projects you will select the topic for research. You will perform the secondary research and, if appropriate, quantitative research which will enable you to develop a survey instrument that can be given to some 25+ people whose opinions are of interest to you. Your questionnaire should include a variety of questions (open-ended, dichotomous, multiple-choice, etc).

DATA ANALYSIS: You must use SPSS or approved software (Excel or Qualtrics) to analyze the data set. After you begin to use it, I believe you will find it a useful and interesting tool.

The types of analysis you should do include: Histograms/Frequencies


Charts and/or graphs

These elements must be incorporated into the written report. They should be integrated into the text of your report, not put in a separate section at the end. The purpose of the exhibits is to more clearly help the reader to understand the findings.

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