Reflective Journaling and development ( see the attachment )

All requires, sample essay and reading materials are in the attachment.

5 pages. Due 3 days

Purpose: Reflection is the conscious exploration of one’s experiences. A reflective essay is a form of writing that examines the development of the writer’s individual experience.

This assignment is designed to be a practice in cultural humility (review readings by Hohman (2013) and Schuessler et al., (2012). You will take part in an activity that challenges you to learn more about yourself and others who may have different social identities and experiences than your own. For instance, some students have attended a service for a religion different than their, used a wheelchair at a grocery store, ate a meal at a social service agency that serves free meals, and volunteered at a food bank.

The article you need to read:

1. Cultural Humility: A lifelong Practice

2. Reflective Journaling and development ( see the attachment )


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