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Select a consumer who can give you insights on one of the following issues.

  • How have your leisure pursuits and hobbies been affected by the pandemic?
  • What are the motivational roots of your hair colouring decisions?

Note: The interviewee should not be a classmate in ADM3321.

C. Using the structured interview guide for the issue selected, have a conversation with the interviewee to learn more about the person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions as well as the contextual factors that surrounded their decisions. Answers to the qualitative questions are most likely to generate insights, so be sure to probe with follow-up questions to understand the nuances of the person’s experience. The interview should last 20-30 minutes.

Rubric is attached. 

Submit a brief on Brightspace Assignments (no more than two single-spaced pages) that addresses the following:

  • Reflection on preparation: Before you do the interview, read the interview guide thoroughly. Briefly express what question(s) you are most interested in asking and explain why. (1 point)
  • Profile the source: Describe the interviewee to give a better sense of the person. You may include demographic information, activities and interests, for example. However, DO NOT identify the person by name. You may invent a pseudonym (a fake name, like Clark Kent or Sheldon J. Plankton). (1 point)
  • Report key findings: Summarize the main findings and insights generated by the interview. Don’t just restate the specific ideas, also add your interpretations of the “big picture” of how the ideas fit together. Do NOT include a transcript of your interview. (3 points)
  • Research insights: What was the “most valuable insight” you learned? Did you discover anything that went beyond your pre-existing beliefs or knowledge? (2 points)
  • Implications for industry: Given what you learned, are there any implications for the marketing mix (4Ps) for companies in that industry? (2 points)
  • Post-interview reflections: In hindsight, is there a question you wished you had asked? What might you do differently going forward (if you were conducting more interviews)? (1 point)

Leisure pursuit interview guide:

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