Research proposal | Anatomy homework help


The research proposal should include 

  • Executive summary/Abstract
  • Problem Statement
  • Literature Review / Background of the study
  • Benefits of the study
  • Research Objectives 
  • hypothesis
  • Methodology

Topic is the changes in white matters of brain tumors by using DTI MRI and present symptoms of headache among patients. 

 Background of the study / literature review 

1 paragraph is about brain structure and function of white matters in brain 

2 paragraph about brain tumor

3 paragraph about sign and symptoms of  brain tumor and focus on headaches and different types of headaches 

 4 paragraph is about DTI functional

5  paragraph is in aim of the study 


articles titles


Location of brain tumor intersecting white matter tracts predicts patient prognosis- 1


White matter tract involvement in brain tumors: a diffusion tensor imaging analysis

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