Review the timeline of the federal equal employment opportunity laws and read about each law

1        Major federal equal employment opportunity laws have attempted to correct social problems of interest to particular groups of workers, called protected classes. Defined broadly, these include individuals of a minority race, women, older people, and those with physical or mental disabilities. Separate federal laws cover each of these classes.


Review the timeline of the federal equal employment opportunity laws and read about each law. Choose one of the federal laws and briefly summarize it, include when it took effect, the implications of the law, protections under the law, and to whom it applies.


From your unique perspective what recommendations would you make for changing or improving that law to reflect the current workplace? Provide an example to support your recommendations.




2        Find an article that discusses one of the following topics from the readings: One of the Leadership Challenges; Breaking through Gender Barriers or Leadership Opportunities; Promoting Gender Equity in the corporate culture.


Summarize your article. Discuss how it ties into the information from the textbook, does it agree or disagree? Compare/contrast the information. Was any new information revealed?


Include your topic and the title of your article in the subject of your post. You should not use an article that another student has already selected. You must post a working direct link to your article so others may view it. Your summary should be at least three paragraphs long.