Robin hood case 20 | Literature homework help

Hello There. Please see the attached file for the case 20 robin hood.


  1. List and explain the key issues that must be addressed (minimum of 6*).
  2. List the current mission statement and discuss why the mission must shift—or justify why the current mission serves this “ organization.” If the mission must shift, establish the new mission statement and provide the argument to justify your proposed new mission. (Carefully evaluate this section, since it sets the tone for all other areas of analysis.) Further, discuss the vision that must be established.
  3. Prepare a SWOT analysis (minimum of 5* elements for each component, with explanations for each; include in the “T” section the “ultimate threat”).
  4. Develop a list of specific performance objectives along with the criteria to measure each (minimum of 5*). Prioritize this list and provide the recommendations on how to implement each, detailing the action plan for this “ organization” to pursue.

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