Role of Employee Engagement in Organization Success:


Selecting your Article

Choose an article from the designated publication listed above. The article must deal with the topics of the course. Academic journals or business magazines are good additional references. The article should be no more than one year old. (At least one of the five articles you select for this course should be based on an ethical situation.)


  • Save your work as a .doc or .rtf file and submit to the corresponding dropbox.
  • The paper should be between three and four pages in length.
    • The number of pages does not include the cover page or the Works Cited page.
  • Include all the sections listed below in “Components of Paper.”
  • Follow APA style and cite your sources in a References list at the back of your paper.
  • Attach a copy of the article or a link of where the article can be found online.

Components of Paper

  • Summarization: 
    Briefly summarize the main points of the article. Do not feel compelled to repeat all important themes in the text. Simply focus on the main ideas of the article. Since the article will be attached, do not write a long summary.

    • This section should not exceed ¾ of one page.
  • Analysis: 
    Since this is college work, we expect critical thinking. Critical thinking skills include analysis of the author’s purpose, qualifications and point of view, distinguishing between facts and inferences, and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s arguments. Your analysis should include some of your perspective about the author’s beliefs. You should relate the article to concepts from the course or your text.

    • This section should be at minimum one page in length.
  • Application: 
    The third part of your paper should include the application of the material. Why is this information important in management or business? Explain how one could apply or utilize the information.

    • This section should be at least one page in length.
  • Conclusion: 
    State your main points regarding the article in your conclusion. Emphasize the key points in your analysis.
  • References: 
    In addition, 2 outside sources should be included (one can be the textbook), include a References page in APA style.