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Dear, DON

      I am writing to you in concern of my increase of pay from $28 to $30. As discussed before, the promise of increase of pay after my 90 day probation period has ended, and the reason for the pay amount is the increase of inflation (rent increase, cost of living increase like food, gas, utilities). My rent I am paying is $3,000 a month. Due to this increase of cost of living anything less than $30 in not efficient enough. I know my skills are worth it, as I begin to prepare to further my skills by going to school for my BSN. I will be more valuable to the company and the team. I will be a RN with a BSN. I will be more useful, my skills would be more advance. This would be an investment that the company would gain so much from. As I know the struggle to find quality RN’s. Increasing my pay tells me that you value me and want me to build my future with this company as much as I do. Hope to continue our relationship for a better future.



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