Scientific writing ( group project)

All the research is done I will need a paper with the below science project information plus what the teacher is requiring. 

For my experiment I decided to do the self inflated balloon. 

I started out with 4 bottles Bottle A had 2 tablespoons of regular sugar 2 tablespoons of yeast and 2 inches of water. Bottle B had 1 Tablespoon of regular sugar 1 tablespoon of yeast and 1 inch of water. Bottle C had 1 tablespoon of Honey 1 tablespoon of yeast and 1 inch water. Bottle C had 1 tablespoon of brown sugar 1 tablespoon yeast and 1 inch of water.  

I chose to do different types of sugars to see how each would reacted and how much bigger the balloon would get, I predict that the one with regular sugar an yeast is going to grow the biggest and I don’t think that the amount of yeast, sugar and water will make any difference at all I believe they will be the same size.  

Bottle A: Start time was 7:22 pm 

ROSE: 7:26 and its start was at 11 inches,

7:35 12 inches and it was 2 1/2 wide

7:42 12 1/2 inches 

7:50 13.8 inches 

8:20 14 1/2 inches 

8:35 15 inces   

Measured again at , 10.00 & 10:30 it was the same at 15 inches 


7:23 start time 

ROSE at 7:29 10 1/2 inches 

7:35 11.2 inches it was 1 inch wide 

7:42 10.6

7:50 11 inches 

8:20 10.6 inches (Started to shrink)

8:35 10.8 inces   (reacted again) 

Measured again at 9:30, 10.00 & 10:30 it was the same measurements.


7:24 start time 

7:35 No Movement

7:42 19 1/2 Inches

7:50 9 1/2 inches 

I started to realize that the yeast was rising but the balloon was not, I then realized that the balloon had a hole in it so I changed the balloon at 8 PM 

8:20 10 1/2 inches Started to rise right after I changed the balloon.

8:35 10 1/2 inces   (reacted again) 

Measured again at 9:30, 10.00 & 10:30 it was the same measurements.


Start time was 7:26 pm 

ROSE at 7:34 10 1/2 inches 

7:35 10 1/2 inches 

7:42 10.4

7:50 10.2 inches 

8:20 10.4 inches (Started to shrink)

8:35 10.5 inces   (reacted again) 

Measured again at 9:30, 10.00 & 10:30 it was the same measurements.

Mt prediction was wrong the only one that rose was Bottle A, and maybe bottle C would of had a good chance but the balloon was broken.  I did realize that no matter what kind of sugar is in the bottle it will still rise the balloon, it will take a little longer with other types but it will still rise.  

The good news about this last assignment is that it should not take you very long to complete. You are working as a group, and that usually makes things go much faster! 

Here is what you need to do. Use the same template you have used before. It is located under Assignment 1, and you should still be able to access it. (If not, let me know.) Save the file to your desktop as the first letter of your first name, your last name, and the assignment name (example: JSmith_GroupProject).

Inside the document, add your paper title, your name, professor name, date, etc. 

Create your own skeleton outline.

So if all sections are included, that’s 1250-1750 for the whole paper (less if sections are omitted). The word count does not include the outline, references, etc.

Be sure that ALL references are included on the References list. This means the sources you used in your section and the sources used in all of the other sections too.

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