Solve the problem | Human Resource Management homework help

Solve the problem,As an HR of the company, please solve the problems related to time management, such as clocking in the office, how can it be fair and just?

Marking criteria:

  • Critical analysis (40%): quality and depth of analysis of the business problem and consideration of stakeholder alignment
  • Persuasive argument (30%): ability to develop a persuasive value proposition tailored to strategic needs and priorities of the target audience
  • Communication (30%): Information is structured and presented clearly drawing on verbal and non-verbal means of professional communication

Change: time management

  1. What is your proposed change initiative/strategy?
  2. Why should senior management endorse your proposal (see related questions in the Business Case Scenario)?
  3. Briefly, how will you implement the change in ways that will be embraced by the business?

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