Specifically, your email communication must address the following critical elements:

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You will assume the role of the healthcare management executive to whom the proposal was directed. You will draft a brief executive email communication directed to all employees of the organization, in which you will explain the issue that was originally presented in the scenario, as well as the solution you will implement. Consider how you will justify your reasoning to your employees. This email message should be brief and appropriate in tone and content for the intended audience.

Specifically, your email communication must address the following critical elements:

I. Introduction: Identify yourself as a management executive and identify the issue.

II. Explanation of Factual Background

A. Explain the policy-making processes you identified above. In your explanation, be sure to explain how the processes will impact the organization. You should assume that your audience knows nothing about traditional policy-making processes.

B. Describe which methods for financing, evaluating, and improving healthcare delivery, operations, and facilities are implicated. Assume your audience needs only basic information about these methods in order to understand the reasoning for your decision.

C. Identify and briefly describe public health policy and population-health programs related to the issue. Call to attention any programs with particular relevance to the organization.

D. Discuss how the issue implicates principles of budgeting, governance, and strategic planning. Approach this discussion from the perspective of organizational employees who want to know how the issue may impact their work.

III. Next Steps and Organizational Impact

A. Explain the solution you will implement. Be direct with employees.

B. Discuss how the solution you will implement will improve population health for patients of the organization. Organizational employees may be more committed to change if there is a clear link to health improvement.

C. Describe how the solution you will implement will utilize healthcare delivery principles and technology available within the organization or using principles and technology that must be deployed in the future.

D. Discuss how your solution will use budgeting, governance, and strategic-planning principles to promote quality and organizational improvement within the organization.

Guidelines for Submission: Your executive email should be brief (1 page maximum), formatted with 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins. Any citations or references that might be necessary should be formatted according to current APA guidelines.


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