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General education teachers are an integral part of the process when it comes to executing the IEP and meeting the needs of students with disabilities. Special education teachers and general education teachers must collaborate closely when planning instruction, and in the documentation, store, and communication of student information. Ensuring this is done efficiently and with regard to legal and ethical standards is essential. The use of technology can play a significant role in implementing collaborative and co-teaching strategies and in completing required documentation.

Allocate at least 1.5 hours in the field to support this field experience.

Because this course does not require you to have a fingerprint clearance card, your field experience must be completed before or after school, or during another designated time when students are not present.

In person or via phone, interview a certified general education teacher specific to a grade range relevant to your program of study. Be prepared to take notes, as these will be submitted as part of the assignment deliverable.

In the interview, address the following.

  • Discuss the similarities and differences among students with and without disabilities.
  • Describe the characteristics of various disabilities and their educational implications for students at your school.
  • Explain the effects disabilities can have on students’ academic and social development, attitudes, interests, and values.
  • Describe how factors such as cultural diversity and human issues affect students with disabilities.
  • Explain how you address the unique learning needs of students with disabilities in the classroom, including those students with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  • Explain strategies you use when collaborating and co-teaching with special education teachers. Include discussion of why it is important to view the special education teacher as a co-teacher rather than a behavior enforcer or aid in the classroom.
  • Describe how you use various types of technology to support students with disabilities.
  • Describe the legal responsibilities you have to protect the rights and privacy of students with disabilities. Include discussion of IDEA, procedural safeguards, FERPA, HIPAA, etc. Include examples of some dilemmas associated with upholding these standards.
  • Discuss how you collaborate with special education teachers to communicate, create, and store student documentation.
  • Describe one or two of your favorite co-teaching strategies.

In 250-500 words, consider what you learned from the interview and discuss the following:

  • Describe how technology can be used to facilitate collaboration, co-teaching, and recordkeeping between special education teachers and general education teachers. Provide real-world examples to support your ideas.
  • Discuss legal and ethical challenges that special education teachers and general education teachers must consider when collaborating and sharing student information. Describe strategies that can be employed to ensure that you maintain confidentiality and legal guidelines in your personal professional practice.
  • Describe a co-teaching strategy you would like to apply in professional practice and explain how it supports effective collaboration and learning for students with disabilities. Provide real-world examples to support your ideas.
  • Consider all of the interviews you completed for your field experiences. Summarize what you learned about applying collaboration and co-teaching strategies in professional practice to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

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