Stakeholder analysis – business society & ethics

  Throughout the last 6 months, the scandal that has plagued Wells Fargo bank has been unfolding.  In a pair with one other classmate, perform a stakeholder analysis of the Wells Fargo scandal that offers (new) CEO Timothy Sloan a means of resolution, by responding (~5-7 pages) to the following questions:    1) Who are Wells Fargo’s five most relevant stakeholder groups in this situation (explain why you included these and excluded others), and what are their stakes? 

  2) What attributes (power, legitimacy, urgency) do these five stakeholder groups hold in this situation?

  3) What economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic responsibilities does Wells Fargo have to these stakeholder groups in this situation, and why? 

And given your response to Q1-Q3,

  4) What specific actions (involve, collaborate, monitor or defend) should Wells Fargo take with each of these five stakeholder groups?  

  Be specific, and explain how the action you recommend for each stakeholder group will help to resolve the scandal


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