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 The deliverable for this element of the project is a table that you may create in Word or Excel. The table should include at minimum 10 project stakeholders using the following headings:

  • Stakeholder
  • Communication Needs
  • Method/Medium
  • Timing/Frequency

Further, each stakeholder is labeled in the table using the PMBOK® Guide categories:

  • Unaware
  • Resistant
  • Neutral
  • Supportive
  • Leading

Table 4.1: Stakeholder Engagement Matrix


The PMBOK® Guide, 5th Edition lists the stakeholder engagement states/levels as follows:

Unaware: Stakeholder is unaware of project and potential impacts (by project or to project; positive or negative).

Resistant: Stakeholder is aware of project and potential impacts but resistant to change.

Neutral: Stakeholder is aware of project but neither supportive nor resistant to change.

Supportive: Stakeholder is aware of project and potential impacts but supportive to change.

Leading: Stakeholder is aware of project and potential project impacts and champion of change with a goal to ensure the success of the project.

For the project to be successful, it is important to perform this analysis throughout the project life cycle because the stakeholder engagement level may change over time, and some stakeholders may leave the project and some new ones may come in.

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