Strategic information security2 cis 8018

This assessment item covers the chapters 5-8 of your textbook.  In the previous assessment item you selected an organisation, and provided information on the current security state and made suggestions of improvements to their security.  Use this organisation for this assessment item as well.  Depending on the size of the organisation (small, medium, large) you are asked to assist in developing a security program. Reflect on the current roles and titles of the security personnel and make suggestions of improvements. Provide a plan to make these changes incorporating training requirements. Determine if the organisation uses any ISO security standards and provide reasoning which security model would be more suitable. Determine the suitability of certification. Justify by using threat identification and provide risk assessment for this organisation. 

As in the previous assessment item, please make sure NOT to divulge any sensitive information. If you are working for an organisation, use the internet to determine what information is available to the public. To protect security of the organisation, you are requested to invent the current security situation of this organisation.  This will allow you to create a scenario that you can then use to apply your knowledge of the course material.

Write a report in accordance to the recommendations of the links on the study desk. The word-count limit for the introduction, body and conclusion of this report is set at about 3000 words.  Use five (6) or more resources for your citing and referencing in Harvard style.

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