Summarize the decisions you made around healthcare, childcare, and education

  • Part I Questions: 

    1) What was the median income for your model family?

    2) Summarize the decisions you made around housing and transportation.

    3) Summarize the decisions you made around healthcare, childcare, and education.

    4) Were there any areas where you felt that you had to make sacrifices? If so, what were these and how did you decide where those sacrifices should be made?

    5) What do you notice about the median income of men versus women? What impact does this have on the family?


    Part 2: Living at the FPL

    The Federal Poverty Line (FPL) in 2015 was as follows:

    Persons in Family/Household Poverty Guideline Low income (200% of FPL)
    1 $11,770 $23,540
    2 $15,930 $31,860
    3 $20,090 $40,180
    4 $24,250 $48,500
    5 $28,410 $56,820
    6 $32,570 $65,140
    7 $36,730 $73,460
    8 $40,890 $81,780




    Part 2 Questions:

    Assume your model family was faced with living at the Federal Poverty line. Respond to the following questions.

    1) According to the table above, how much is the maximum income for the size of your family?

    2) Using the information you gathered from the Week 4 Worksheet, what choices would you as the parent be forced to make regarding your living circumstances? Where might you have to sacrifice?

    3) How might this impact your sense of well-being, your stress level, and your parenting style?

    4) How might the challenges of low income impact the trajectories you had established for your model children and what might this mean for the development of your model children?

    5) Copy the family mission statement you created in Week 2 (last item in Discussion 3). How does poverty threaten your family mission statement?

    Your responses should be written in complete sentences and should demonstrate your understanding of the concepts from the learning resources. Use citations where appropriate. You do not need to respond to your classmates, though interaction is always welcome!


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