Systems & logistics support management | logistics managment | Florida Institute of Technology

 #1. (100 pts) What factors are important to the successful accomplishment of the various logistics objectives? Include a brief explanation of each factor; and why it is important. 4 

#2. (100 pts) We often develop new or modified fixtures based on customer needs. And we periodically drop products from our catalog. I heard someone mention something called a product life-cycle? What is that? How does logistics fit into such a life-cycle?  [Note: feel free to use Blanchard’s approach to a life-cycle. He uses a pretty general approach that should not prove too difficult to fit into a scenario of new and/or changed products. Products being added; products being supported; and products being dropped (retired).  If you use a non-Blanchard approach, then be sure that the lifecycle that you might chose fits into the LUML structure.]  

 #3. (100 pts) How do the ideas of a supply chain; supply chain management; logistics; and logistics management fit into our work? 

#4. (225 pts) I believe that we recently did a review of cost and some options on our operations. I recall that was on the effectiveness of our operations.  #4a. (50 pts) What are measures of effectiveness?   #4b. (50 pts) If you can get that analysis, then can you make a diagram of the basic analytic results? [Aside: Obviously the CEO is looking for more than a yes or no answer, yes?]  #4c. (25 pts) Given the options, which option do you recommend that we target for?  #4d. (100 pts) Why did you chose this recommendation? 

#5. (50 pts — unless your answer is “none” and then 0 pts). Any other thoughts on this subject that you think I should be aware of. 

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