The companies you are to research to compare and contrast are as follows:

 I would like to engage with you in an in depth discussion.  I would like you to research the following companies to compare and contrast them using your Organization Dimension Model and Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model.

Structural Dimensions

  1. Formalization
  2. Specialization
  3. Hierarchy
  4. Technology
  5. External Environment

Contingency Factors

  1. Goals and Strategies
  2. Size
  3. Environment
  4. Culture
  5. Technology

The companies you are to research to compare and contrast are as follows:

Disney and Ritz Carlton

IBM and Dell

Walmart and Target

FedEx and UPS

For your discussion points as you use the models listed above to guide your critical thinking process focus in on these questions:

  • How has the ubiquitous Internet influenced these organization?
  • How has technology impacted their governance process with legal and regulatory compliance?
  • What contingency strategies do they incorporate as a method for sustainability?
  • What are the primary differences and similarities between them?
  • Are these organizations open or closed systems?  Explain your reasoning.
  • How is the management of the organization structured…..Hierarchical or Flat?
  • How do they create and maintain competitive advantage to maintain and grow market share?
  • What is their social impact?
  • How is technology used to add value to the organization?
  • What envirnonmental events could potential impact their organizational strategy, resources, etc.