The controversy over the “naturalness” of monthly menstruation in women

In this chapter we have read much about some of the uniquenesses of being human and how our biology and culture are so intertwined. I’d like you to reflect on this in the chapter activity, and get some practice in formal writing as we gear up for the term paper.

First, choose one aspect of humanity from among the following:

·  Increased post-natal dependency (long period of dependence on parents)

·  Addition of a post-reproductive period in the lifespan

·  The controversy over the “naturalness” of monthly menstruation in women

·  Importance of nursing to infant health and reproductive management (decreasing ovulation)

·  Implications of rapid changes in diet to human populations

·  Evolution and function of menopause

·  Any one of the theories on what causes aging

Now, research your chosen area from the list above using the Internet. Feel free to use one of the Web Readings as a starting point. Write a one to two page formal summary (250-500 words) of your findings (think 5 paragraph essay here!).  Do not just cut and paste sections from your web research.  In your short paper, be sure to include:

·  Why you were interested in that particular topic

·  A solid, stand-alone thesis statement that you have underlined or bold-faced for me

·  Parenthetical citations in the body of the paper & a references cited section at the end in APA format.

·  Mention of one thing you learned that you did not already know about the topic

·  What your thoughts are about any two of the following four things (think about your thesis!):

  1. how your topic is affecting humanity today
  2. why we came to engage exhibit the behavior or trait
  3. the advantages and disadvantages of the behavior or trait
  4. how learning about this topic could benefit us in the future
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