The history of Rock and Roll provides an in depth look of the youth through time. It tells a story. A non-fiction story.

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First one:

Hi Group 5!

The history of Rock and Roll provides an in depth look of the youth through time. It tells a story. A non-fiction story. Whether it be political or personal in it’s expression, the motivation of

rock music’s influence on youth in every time period is crucial in understanding what they/we were/are thinking and feeling. We can see that the momentum of the rebellious youth really starts to

peak during the late 60s early 70s when protests against war (Vietnam) and anti-establishment movements were essential for free speech. Youth of yesterday and today are influenced and

empowered by Rock and Roll in such a way that is caused/causes them to get noticed. To be heard. Most of us go through a rebellious stage when we get our first taste of independence and a

universal feeling that “parents don’t know what they are talking about”. Rock music (and other genres) create an outlet for youth to not only express themselves but help make sense of the crazy

world around them. Political and social issues over the years have been amplified by youths ability to express and speak out through rock and roll. Hence, the relevance of Rock and Roll history is

important and key in understanding history as a whole. Particularly in the United States.

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Second one:

The study of the history of Rock and Roll is relevant to now more than when I first began in those course. Honestly, prior to taking the class I had no interest in the genre and barely listened to that form of music, past or present. Now, it has become relevant to me because I have learned throughout this course how much Rock and Roll actually influenced the genres that I do listen to, whether the influence is direct of indirectly. For example, in Lesson 3, Unit 6 we learned about its influence of early pop music, focusing in on artists like Buddy Holly. Though that kind of pop seems so far from the sound of today’s pop music, it was the first introduction. Another surprising relevance I found since taking this class is the ties between Rock and Roll and Motown music. I grew up listening to The Temptations, The Marvelettes, The Supremes, and others at my Poppop’s house. I would put on little concerts almost every weekend so that unit was a nice remembrance of that time with him, but also eye opening about the roots and power behind songs that mean so much to me. Another reason this genre relevant to me now is the role this music played in politics and social change throughout decades. While influencing various genres, Rock and Roll also challenge the status quo by allowing expression on taboo topics, encouraging integration through music, and so much more, especially in the 50’s and 60’s. Essentially, Rock and Roll’s relevance to me is based on my initial underestimation of how it shaped to music I love today, tackled political and social challenges of every era and a newfound appreciation for the genre’s evolution.


Third one:

The history of rock and roll is a very relevant subject. It provides so much perspective on how times have changed regarding youth, society, and style over the years. If you look back, as time passes on, you can see that there are all kinds of changes and new trends brought to us by the ways of rock and roll, and how it has impacted political views, racial views, societal beliefs, and so much more.

Change is the only thing that is constant, and rock and roll is able to continuously portray and capture that throughout time. For instance, in the past, when Phil Spector moved to creating girl groups after the passing of Buddy Holly, the world saw a new era on the rise as girl groups became a powerful way to help aid teenage expression and sexuality. Because of this, society changed, and this essentially wouldn’t have been possible without the help of historical events within the rock and roll genre. It’s very interesting to observe that and compare it to music nowadays where there are constant female icons and girl groups topping the charts. Music has a way of making people feel at peace and accepted, and so if girl groups hadn’t been developed in such a manner, it’s hard to say how society, feminism, and our eras of music would be today.

Also, on a personal note, looking back at the history of rock and roll, it’s very interesting to see the different eras that older generations grew up on. In a way, it almost makes me understand my parents on a different level, and really helps me imagine what their teenage years were like, solely based upon the styles of music and rock and roll that was relevant to them in their years. I thought that was super cool, and saw it as essentially another topic that brings us together.

Overall, when society had a pivotal turning point, rock and roll and music was there to catch it first hand. This has been done with a variety of other events in the music world as well, which is what makes it so relevant. Ultimately, music comes back to being a way of expressing thoughts and feelings, and being heard. Had rock and roll historically not impacted society in such a way, it’s fair to believe things would not be exactly the way they are now.


Forth one:

Before taking this class, I didn’t know much about Rock and Roll. I never really listened to it growing up, and I didn’t know any of its history. I have really enjoyed taking this class and learning how Rock has evolved. There was so much growth in the music, and many different stages that has led to rock music played today. I saw this as a perspective of life and how I still have a lot of growth left in me. There were so many different changes and influences on the music, it has made me realize that’s how life goes. I think it is so interesting to look back on what I have learned and see all the different genres, artists and social aspects that have influenced rock through time. It was totally new to me, but I was so captivated by it because there are many changes throughout my life and different stages that we go through. One example is college. I am a freshman so this is a whole new start for a different stage in my life. I hope this wasn’t too deep but I found it really fascinating how I could relate to the history of rock through its changes it has endured and how that relates back to life.


Last one:

Hey Everyone!

I had never really listened to rock and roll before taking this class so I didn’t know too much going into and was very curious what there was to learn about the genre. Even though I never really listened to rock n roll it has played a role in the music I do listen to today. During this class I’ve learned how rock and roll became a way for many people to express themselves and find their place. There have been many things in my life that have helped me learn to express who I am and become independent. Rock and roll is also relevant in the fact that it helped with many political and social issues. Today we still see people bonding over music at large festivals and concerts and it is a way to bring everyone together. So even though when starting this class I didn’t have much interest in Rock and Roll I’ve realized how much it is a part of my day to day life and impacts so many people around me.