The purpose of this assignment is for you to read, integrate, and write a paper based on primary literature about a topic relevant to communication deviations and disorders.

CSD 2197-Sections 002

Fall 2018

Writing Assignment # 2: Research Paper

The purpose of this assignment is for you to read, integrate, and write a paper based on primary literature about a topic relevant to communication deviations and disorders.

Paper Requirements

The paper should include all the components listed below. The order does not have to be exactly as it is listed here but be sure to include all the information listed.

All information from any outside sources must be cited in the paper with references listed on a separate Reference Page in APA style.

Pick a topic of interest for Research Paper # 2. For each of the following topics, we have chosen one paper. You must choose one of these topics and read the associated paper. All papers are uploaded on canvas.

a. Language

i. Autism – Joint attention (Murray, Creaghead, Manning-Courtney, Shear, Bean, & Prendeville, 2008)

ii. Brain damage in football players (Stamm et al., 2015)

b. Speech

i. Dysarthria in children with cerebral palsy – (Allison & Hustad, 2014)

ii. Fluency/Stuttering (Olander, Smith, & Zelaznik, 2010)

c. Hearing

i. Speech discrimination in children with cochlear implants (Phan, Houston, Ruffin, Ting, & Frush Holt, 2016) (MY TOPIC Of interset)

ii. Noise-induced hearing loss in student musicians (Phillips, Henrich, & Mace, 2010)

Your paper should address the following:

1. Provide background about the disorder area. Describe the general area (e.g., autism or sports related TBI, CP, etc) as well as the specific topic area (motor disorders in fluency, speech discrimination, student musicians).

2. Summarize the target article (How is it relevant to the topic, as well as other critical information from the graphic organizer)

3. Briefly describe a related paper, and indicate how it pertains to the target study. It might answer a question left unanswered by the target study, extend the results in some way, etc.

4. Be sure to include a reference page titled REFERENCES with all your references. The reference page should include the book you read, the two journal articles, and any other resources you cited. They should be listed in alphabetical order by author in APA format Remember to use sentence case for titles on the reference page, but title case when you cite the name of the book in the text of your paper. When citing references on the reference page, the format should look similar to the following example: Berg, A. O., & Allen, J. (2001). The new U.S. preventive services task force. American Family Physician, 64, 1945-1946.

You must have a minimum of 3 references, as indicated below.

a. Research paper selected from the list provided

b. Find information on the ASHA website describing background information about the disorder area. You may also use information from the text book or review articles.

c. Find another research paper related to the same topic. The paper must provide new data, not be a review or meta-analysis. The publication year should be 2008 or later (ie, no studies > 10 years old). Briefly describe this paper, and indicate how it pertains to the results of the target study.


The paper should be paginated, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman Font and 1 inch margins.

Be sure to include a cover page with the name of the paper, and the date. Do NOT write your name on your paper. We want to be able to grade “blinded”.

This paper should be three to four pages. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Papers should be written in the past tense.

Do not use direct quotes from reference sources; paraphrase or summarize information and then cite the reference. Under no circumstance should you include direct quotes in this paper.

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