The reason as to why women outlive men include factors such as; “biological, environmental, and behavioral.

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1. The reason as to why women outlive men include factors such as; “biological, environmental, and behavioral. It is believed that variables within these three factors have changed over time, causing the change in life longevity for women. For example, Women use to die form infectious diseases in the 19th century. Due to the advance in medicine, vaccines were created which automatically increased a womens lifespan” (Beltekian, Esteban Ortiz-Ospina and Diana,2020).

2. One reason men outlive women in other countries goes hand in hand with the answer from above. For countries who are poverty struck, it is hard for them to have proper medicine for diseases. this results in women dying.

3. An example of a factor that contributes to these gender differences is, smoking. “men are more prone to smoke then women are causing a decrease in mens life longituvity” (Beltekian, Esteban Ortiz-Ospina and Diana,2020).



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Savannah Robinson (CLASSMATE 2)

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According to Markham Heid (27th, Feb 2019), The average man will live to the age of 76, coinciding with the latest CDC figures, while the average woman in America lives to the age of 81. Females outlive men because women are more health-conscious than men. Men also put forth more effort into risky behaviors. Lastly, women are stronger when it comes to aging than men.

According to Jo Willey( 17th, Feb 2014), the most significant gap in a lifespan between the sexes is in Crawly, West Sussex, where men are outliving women by 13 years. Well, one reason men are surviving women is that if maternal reasons. Women can pass away from giving birth complications in a low-income environment.

I feel like some factors that can contribute to these gender differences are genetics and hormones. Men usually have more life-threatening serious prolonged diseases than women.


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