The role of a sponsor for large-scale, strategic organizational change is typically assigned to __________. a highest-level executiv

Question 11 pts
The role of a sponsor for large-scale, strategic organizational change is typically assigned to __________.
a highest-level executive
an investor
a senior manager
a member of the “leadership change team”

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All of the following elements are part of an organization’s vision EXCEPT __________.
its mission
its enduring core values
its market share
its goals for the future

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In Cummings and Worley’s five dimensions of leading and managing change model, identifying key stakeholders
is as aspect of __________.
motivating change
creating a vision
developing political support
sustaining momentum

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According to the author, Ackerman and Anderson’s road map is best regarded as __________.
a “thinking discipline”
a set of “hard and fast rules”
“set in stone”
a “prescription for success”

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According to the drama triangle, one common characteristic of the rescuer role is __________.
aggressive behavior
refuses to say “no”
nonassertive behavior
initiates the attack

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Which CEO does the author cite as an example of a case in which a board of directors did not accept the strategy of its leader?
Larry Bossidy, at AlliedSignal
Alan Mulally, at Ford
Eric Schmidt, at Google
Leo Apotheker, at Hewlett-Packard

Flag this QuestionQuestion 71 pts
When aligning people with an organization’s vision, leaders should consider __________.
financial incentives
nonfinancial incentives
both financial and nonfinancial incentives
neither financial nor nonfinancial incentives

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According to the stakeholder matrix, if the stakeholder is assessed as nonsupportive, which of the following strategies should be used?

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Which of the following is true regarding organizational structures?
strategy follows structure
structure follows strategy
structure and strategy are established simultaneously
strategy does not address structure

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According to the author, change is best thought of as a(n) __________.

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