They are both located in Jacksonville, FL and I have worked for Baptist for 5 years.

For this weeks discussion I have picked Baptist Health and UF Health. They are both located in Jacksonville, FL and I have worked for Baptist for 5 years. I thought it would be interesting to how we stacked up to UF Health which is a large hospital that is located maybe 10 miles from Baptist.

Baptist Health has a 4 star rating and UF Health has a 1 star rating. I was surprised that UF has such a low rating. They have a great trauma unit but the consistences is that the quality of their performance is low.  Quality measurement in health care is the process of using data to evaluate the performance of health plans and health care providers against recognized quality standards. Quality measures can take many forms, and these measures evaluate care across the full range of health care settings, from doctors’ offices to imaging facilities to hospital systems.  Measuring the quality of health care is a necessary step in the process of improving health care quality. Too often, the quality of care received in the United States is substandard: Patients receive the proper diagnosis and care only about 55 percent of the time,1 and wide variations in health care quality, access, and outcomes persist.2 Research consistently shows that there is chronic under-use, overuse, and misuse of services. Furthermore, the way health care is delivered is often fragmented, overly complex, and uncoordinated. These problems can lead to serious harm or even death. Quality measurement can be used to improve our nation’s health care by: 1) preventing the overuse, under use, and misuse of health care services and ensuring patient safety; 2) identifying what works in health care—and what doesn’t—to drive improvement; 3) holding health insurance plans and health care providers accountable for providing high-quality care; 4) measuring and addressing disparities in how care is delivered and in health outcomes; and 5) helping consumers make informed choices about their care.