They didn’t know that this was a shelter for women and children who were being abused

Select one of the following three case studies in Ch. 3 of The Helping


  • “Case Susanna”
  • “Case James and Samantha”
  • “Case Alicia and Montford”

Identify three to five problems in the case study you have selected.

Write a 500- to 700-word paper that includes the following:

  • A problem-solving strategy and a goal for each problem
  • The services, resources, and supports the client may need, and why he or she may need them
  • A description of how goals are measurable and realistically attainable for the client

James and Samantha



James is 10 years old and he has a sister, Samantha, who is 8. At the beginning of the school year, both of the children were attending Boone Elementary School. Both children live with their aunt and uncle; their parents are in prison. In the middle of the school year, the aunt picked up the children one afternoon and told them that they were going to move that evening. They picked up their clothes and a few toys and moved into a shelter. They didn’t know that this was a shelter for women and children who were being abused. The children were brokenhearted to leave their school. They had good friends there; James was head of the safety patrol and was the star of the choir and drama club. Samantha played with her best friend Carrie every day and all of her friends called her the “teacher’s pet.” Samantha says that she understands why she needs to go to another school, but James is angry that he has to transfer. The staff at the shelter tried to work out transportation back to the school but school officials told James and Samantha’s aunt that the children could not transfer back into the old district. James and Samantha are referred to the school behavioral specialist.