This present an increase “Risk” with new hire processing messages.

In the assignment, You need to create a Design Document. You will brainstorm and Yellow Belt (Six Sigma) of how we can improve Record Retention and Standardize Training within the company. I’ve attach 3 example to use as a template (word documents). Your Design Document needs to be 2 – 4 pages. The Name of the Company is called Serco -NA (North America). Here is some background information on the company.

BAS (Benefits Administrative Services) For Serco -Na

Yellow Belt Project Management

Problem Statement 1: The Operational Center does not have record retention for training.

Key Precise Fact: No Consistence record retention for training.


1. Each department is doing something different.

2. Record Retention is not standardize

Problem Statement 2: 0% of The Operational Center does not have Standardize Training

Key Precise Fact: No consistence training. New hires are not training while waiting for clearance.


1. This present an increase “Risk” with new hire processing messages.

2. The new hires are confuse about what to do.

3. Different messages from different people.

4. Training is not repeatable.

5. No standardization

Problem Goal Statement:





The action

The current problem impact

The improvement target

The end of the problem solving activity

Describe the Problem – Scope:

In Scope Out of Scope

Describe the Problem – Risk (of Project completion):

Project Completion Risk

Proactive Mitigation


Getting buy-in form the people involved in the process

Getting People involved in the process to meet and define the as-is process


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