Undertake a self-assessment of your current knowledge, skills and


Using the CIPD Profession Map (My CPD Map) available at www.cipd.co.uk/learn/cpd/map

undertake a self-assessment of your current knowledge, skills and behaviours as an HR professional. Your self-assessment should:

  • Focus on a ‘Professional Area’ applicable to your role, or one that interests you e.g. one in which you would like to develop your career. These must be Areas from the Profession Map.
  • Include the two ‘Core’ Areas – ‘Insights, strategies and solutions’ and ‘Leading HR’

Your completed self-assessment will be used to produce your CPD Plan (Part C), which will be based on the development needs identified.


Your completed ‘My CPD’ self-assessment report front screen shot should be saved as a picture and then ‘uploaded’ into the box below. (AC3.1) 

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