Unit case study 1 | Government homework help

 For this assignment, analyze the mini case study provided in the following one-page article found in the Business Source Complete database in the Waldorf Online Library: Driggs, W., & Holland, R. (2014). 

Putting customers before politics. Customer Relationship Management, 18(1), 5. Specifically, examine how the organizational culture changed within the company featured in the mini case study. 

Describe the organizational culture both before and after the change. Within your discussion, integrate concepts from the Unit I readings in your textbook as well as concepts presented in the Unit I lesson. 

Apply the socio-cultural learning model to explain how the chief operating officer (COO) led the organization to change its culture. Your case study analysis must have a minimum of two pages and be in APA style. 

As with all your work at Waldorf University, be sure to cite all your sources and follow Waldorf’s Academic Integrity Policy. 

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below. 

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