Watch the following evideo available through the UW library: Architects of Change

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In our study of fresh water systems, and water pollution you assigned two videos that describe water access and sanitation issues in different areas of the world.

A. Watch the following evideo available through the UW library: Architects of Change: “Water: Resource and Challenge.” , directed by Sylvain Braun. , CinéFête, 2009. Alexander Street, (Links to an external site.).

1. (2 pts.) What are the connections between how we treat our sewage and fresh water availability?

2. (6 pts.) Describe the different methods of sewage treatment? How doe they lower the costs of environmental damages, and the cost of clean available drinking water?

3. (2 pts.) Besides the general issue of dirty water, what are some of the other environmental issues that are related to water quality and sewage disposal?

B. Watch the film “Flints Deadly Water” available at (Links to an external site.)

1. (3 pts) What lead to the contamination of the water supply in Flint Michigan? Describe what events occurred, and the types of problems that resulted.

2. (2 pts) Describe and explain the details that link water quality treatment in Flint and outbreaks of legionnaires disease? How deadly is this disease?

3. (5 pts) How is the scientific method used to link water quality issues in Flint to the health problems in the local population? Explain in detail what testing strategy is proposed, and what different types of evidence are used to prove a connection between legionnaires disease and water quality? What does including a “control group” do to evaluate the findings?