Watch this black mirror episode, then write a response using informal


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Watch the Black Mirror episode “Be Right Back” (S2:E1) (Links to an external site.).

 Black Mirror | Netflix Official Site 

In this story, Ash dies, and an Ash-robot comes about. There are two sets of questions to answer. You may write one paragraph answering both questions. I will expect you to make use of the lesson in the mini-lecture on informal argumentation. 

1. Suppose the real Ash had survived the crash but had had brain damage. Would Martha have been justified in rejecting him as being Ash anymore just because he was not exactly as he was before (i.e. ripples of his former self)? If not, how is this different than her rejection of the Ash-robot as not being Ash-reincarnate because it is not exactly as the Ash she knew before? 

2. Even assuming the Ash-robot is not a continuance of the same person as the original Ash, is the robot nevertheless still a person (in the sense of having consciousness, feelings, and so forth)? On what basis do you declare the robot a person or non-person? 

>>If you cannot access Netflix (or some other source) to watch this episode, then you must email me right away so that I can provide you with an alternative assignment.