Week 3 critical discussion | Education homework help

1. Harro, Cycle of Liberation (pp. 627-634) (See attachment) (150 words)

2. Adams, Hopkins, Shlasko, Introduction: Classism (pp. 163-149). (See attachment) (150 words)

3. Mantsios, Class in America—2006 (pp. 173-185). (See attachment) (150 words)

4. Oliver & Shapiro, Race, Wealth & Equality (pp.185-191). (See attachment) (150 words)

5. Williams, What’s Debt Got To Do With It? (pp. 192-195). (See attachment) (150 words)

6. hooks, White Poverty (pp. 214-217). (See attachment)  (150 words)

7.  Video: People Like Us: Social Class in America (100 words)


8. PowerPoint: Social Production Theory, cultural capital (see attachment) (150 words)

9.  “Ten Chairs” Activity Lesson Plan (100 words)


10. Money on the mind (100 words)


11. Sklar: Imagine a country (See Attachment) (150 words)

12. Review: the grocery gap: who has access to food and why it matters (See attachment) (150 wrods)

13.  Socioeconomic Class: Teachers’ Classroom Exercises (150 words)


Make sure you adhere to the critical consciousness requirement in the word document

1850 words

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