What did you learn in this film in relation to ideas we have covered in class?

Please submit your extra credit assignments here.  You can do reaction papers to the films, articles, and assignments suggested on the syllabus. Or you can choose any article, film, or outing/experience related to the class topics and write a reaction paper on those.

Reaction papers should be developed thoroughly and:

  • MUST BE in ESSAY FORMAT (not numbered questions)
  • MUST FOLLOW Reaction Paper Guidelines in the Grading Rubric and Writing Policies for Written Work (in syllabus)
  • MUST INCLUDE 4 components:
  1. 1-2 sentence summary of what film/article was about.
  2. How does this film/article connect or relate to our CLASS TOPICS AND DISCUSSIONS as well as to YOUR personal life?
  3. What did you learn in this film in relation to ideas we have covered in class?
  4. What was your reaction and opinion of the film/guest lecture and would you recommend it to future classes?

***Reaction papers are worth 50 points (added to the Assignments column). You will not receive full credit if these 4 components are NOT included or if the paper is NOT 350 words or if the paper is NOT in essay format. See Grading Rubric for Reaction papers for exact point breakdown.


I want to see that you are making connections between class discussions, your life, and society. Be sure to use lots of examples from the films, articles, class discussions, the eText, and other sources to back up your arguments and critique.




Reaction Papers – 100 points

  • Essay follows formatting requirements outlined in Writing Policies on syllabus (proper heading, title, font, margins, etc)  (5 points deducted if any part of the Writing Policy is not met)
  • Essay is a minimum of 350 words (5 points deducted if paper is 275-349 words; 10 points deducted if paper is 200-274 words; 25 points deducted if paper is 125-199 words; 35 points deducted if paper is 100-124 words; 50 points deducted if paper is less than 100 words.
  • All 4 required components of reactions papers are included (outlined in syllabus: summary, class connections, what you learned, would you recommend) (5 points deducted for each required component that is not included)
  • Paper is in ESSAY format (5 points deducted if  paper is numbered questions rather than essay format)