What do you see as the disadvantages if any of the guidance provided by our text?

Objective: Prepare a paper (no minimum or maximum limit on the number of words) to address the following situation. Although there are not limits on the size of your paper, the key is to be as concise yet effective as possible. Use your Course Books, Discussions, Intructor Comments, etc. as your primary resources and supplement with other resources you may find.  Be sure to cite your sources.  You will not be graded on the length of your paper, but you will be graded on how comprehensive and effective your approach is in relation to our course learning.

Scenario: You are a new Senior Manager over six managers. Your organization has a number of employees who continue to demonstrate unwanted and often unacceptable behavior.  The unacceptable behaviors include the following:

  • Verbal and often emotional disrespect for fellow employees
  • Verbal and often emotional disrespect for supervisors and managers

You are also concerned with an increased level of turnover over the past year.

You plan to bring your six managers together to educate and train them on how to effectively deal with unwanted behavior.

What you have observed is that the approach many of your managers take in dealing with employee performance and specifically unwanted behavior is that they often “yell” and demand changes and sometimes to the extent that they are demeaning to their employees. Also it is evident that the unwanted behavior has continued with no real change in spite of an intense effort by your managers to try to change it. You have also determined that employee morale among employees is pretty low, and your managers have all expressed frustration that they are unsuccessful in getting several employees to change their behavior.

Assignment: Explain what will be your plan to inform, educate, and train your managers in a productive and effective approach to dealing with unwanted behavior. What are the guidelines and key points that you will use to train your managers to increase their ability to more effectively deal with unwanted behavior? What value do you see in guidance outlined in our text? What do you see as the disadvantages if any of the guidance provided by our text? Once you have educated and trained your managers, how will you monitor your managers and support them to utilize their training effectively and to assure effective on-going management of employee performance?  Cite specific sources to support your approach. In other words simply citing the text is insufficient – make specific references to specific items applicable to your comments.

Prepare a single spaced Word Document.