Which group of service providers is in the best position to provide intervention for behavioral problems?

Question 1.Planning a stabilized workforce requires a conservative planning and decision-making.


Question 2.The 10/90 Gap refers to an underinvestment of health research with regard to the health issues of people in low and middle income countries, i.e., 10% of the worldwide expenditure on health research is devoted to problems that affect 90% of the world population.


Question 3.Which group of service providers is in the best position to provide intervention for behavioral problems?


Question 4.True or False?  If countries followed a few simple rules, good health outcomes would be easy to achieve.


Question 5.Two countries which exemplify primary health care systems include


Question 6.Malnutrition in India accounts for more than 10 million child deaths of every year.


Question 7.Which of the following is a major criticism of the Affordable Care Act?


Question 8.The Social Security Fund Act of 2001 sets the rates for health insurance based on earned income at which of the following percents?


Question 9.In the France health care system, ‘docteur’ refers to general practice physicians who

also specialize in the care of pregnant women.


Question 10.Italian hospitals are paid on nationally pre-determined rates based on:


Question 11.Which of the following statements is true of The Affordable Insurance Exchange?


Question 12.Which of the following is the leading cause of death worldwide?


Question 13.According to the American Heart Association, the cultural group with the highest prevalence rates for metabolic syndrome is:


Question 14.True or False? Health disparities in Russia are most evident in urban areas such as Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Question 15.Which of the following best describes Frances’ compulsory premium? They are:


Question 16.True or False?  People who live in industrialized countries automatically receive appropriate care for their needs.


Question 17.A fifth principle was added to the four basic principles of the National Medical Care Insurance Act. Of the principles listed below which is the fifth?  It must:


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