Which movement found support as it took issue with taxes, regulations, and illegal immigration

1. The objective of the abolitionist movement was to;

a.       Prevent the civil war

b.      Prohibit the use of alcohol

c.       Abolish women’s suffrage

d.      Abolish slavery

e.       None of the provided answers are correct

2. The labour movement addressed;

a.       Reproductive rights

b.      Immigration

c.       Public education

d.      National security

e.       Conditions in the workplace

3. The Nineteenth Amendment guarantees;

a.       Protection against unreasonable search and seizure

b.      None of the provided answers are correct

c.       Voting rights regardless of race or previous servitude-

d.      Freedom of religion

e.       Right to remain silent during a criminal interrogation

4. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is not one of the Constitution’s 27 amendments;

a.       True

b.      False

5. Which movement found support as it took issue with taxes, regulations, and illegal immigration;

a.       Environmental movement

b.      Tea party movement

c.       Abolitionist movement

d.      Populist movement

e.       Civil rights movement

6. The period of economic crisis in the United States that lasted from 1929 untill World War II is referred to as;

a.       Civil disobedience

b.      Mass mobilization

c.       Political efficacy

d.      The Great Depression

e.       Repressed social movements

7. In Brown vs. Board of Education, the Supreme Court;

a.        Impeached President Nixon

b.      Upheld the Equal Rights Amendment

c.       Upheld the separate but equal doctrine

d.      Invalidated the Equal Rights Amendment

e.       Invalidated the separate but equal doctrine

8. In the United States, activists are often able to impact policy decisions such as public school of government is referred to as;

a.       Populism

b.      Interest groups

c.       Social movements

d.      Potential efficacy

e.       secularization

9. The Semeca Falls Declaration stated;

a)      capitalism is oppressive

b)      slavery is evil

c)      the separate but equal doctrine is unconstitutional

d)     none of the provided answers is correct

e)      civil disobedience is a constitutional right-

10. What policy issue did the Minute Men volunteers involve themselves with?

a.       Labour practice

b.      Illegal immigrationCharitable causes

c.       Environmental legislation


d.      Reproductive rights