Why does she call her time with Forster a time of “peace… divided against itself”?

Please answer the following questions as you read this week.

1. In the opening selections from October and November 1925, Day talks about re-reading some words she wrote back when she was in high school. What was she struggling with at that time and what does she think the main reasons for that struggle was?

2. Why does she call her time with Forster a time of “peace… divided against itself”?

3. Day talks about how she found herself praying but also had doubts about prayer. In your own words, explain what she doubted and how she justified continuing to pray despite those doubts.

4. Day did not think that a person had to pick between love of God and love of other humans, so why did her marriage with Forster fail?

5. List 2 quotes from the article that support the idea that Day found God in part through the beauty of nature.

6. Why did Day decide to have her child baptized a Catholic?

7. What made Day doubt the Sisters of Charity who lived at St. Joseph’s home?

8. Why was Day unhappy with the priest who asked her to write about her conversion?

9. As she watched a hunger march in 1932, Day felt a deep tension (she felt pulled in 2 different directions). What was she struggling with and how was her prayer about that struggle answered?

10. Finally, write a paragraph (3-5 sentences) about the complex relationship between Day and Peter Maurin that she talks about in the last few pages of the reading.


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